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Student hunger strike highlights insufficient dining

In his final days on campus, Walter Thilly `22J went on a hunger strike to protest Colby Dining Services. On Sunday, Jan. 23, Thilly made his way to the Dana Dining Hall for dinner after a workout at the Athletic Center. “I confirmed Dana was closing at 7, as it usually closes at 8,” he recounted. “But at 6:45 the doors were being shut to the dining hall.” Thilly and other students who had hoped to enter the dining hall at the same time were confused. “Fellow students started to get very ups

Students angered by updated protest policy draft

The College has been in the midst of crafting a protest policy regarding Colby community members’ right to protest for at least two years. The Colby Echo has obtained a draft of such a policy dated Oct. 22, 2021 titled “Policy on Protests, Rallies, and Similar Events.” Students who have read the draft have been highly critical of what they perceive to be the limitations of protest rights and are urging the administration to reconsider the language. While there is no current protest policy in pl

Administration responds to draft of protest policy

On April 21, The Echo released an Oct. 22, 2021 draft of The College’s Policy on Protests, Rallies, and Similar Events. Students were upset by the draft’s language, which they felt inhibited their free speech rights. In 2019, President David Greene established a Presidential Task Force on Free Expression and Free Inquiry. The faculty and students on the taskforce aimed to review and evaluate current College policies and practices on freedom of expression and inquiry and recommend further measur

`23J graduates feeling unrecognized by upcoming spring graduation ceremony

In the words of Dr. Ronald Moore of the University of Washington Philosophy Department, “commencement exercises and freshman convocations are punctuation points — symmetrical points that form the boundaries of academic experience and in doing so contribute an essential element to its meaning.” To use Dr. Moore’s analogy, some Colby students are heading towards an unfinished sentence. As the end of an unusual college experience approaches, the ’23J graduates have learned they will not be permitt

Housing application committee responds to student concerns

The housing application for the 2022-2023 academic year opened on Wednesday, Feb. 23 with adjustments that respond to student concerns. As with past years, specialty housing options for upperclassmen include the Bill and Joan Alfond Main Street Commons, Harold and Bibby Alfond Senior Apartments, and Heights Suites. Additional themed and specialty housing, such as substance-free, Co-op, and Healthy Colby are also accepting applications. At the SGA meeting on Feb. 27, students expressed their di

COVID-19 cases rise dramatically in last weeks of semester

COVID-19 cases at Colby have spiked significantly over the past week, with 276 students and 19 faculty and staff members in isolation as of May 2. This is approximately 12% of campus. There were between 44 and 66 reported new cases each day during the week of April 25, which is the largest COVID-19 outbreak at the College to date. “As many of you know, due to the higher transmissibility of the latest Omicron sub variants, we have seen an increase in the number of active COVID cases over the pas

College lifts mask mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions

This week, the College announced updated COVID-19 regulations and the removal of several precautionary measures. On Feb. 11, Dean Karlene Burrell-McRae ’94 announced the first wave of changes via email. “With a vaccinated and boosted campus community and relatively low rates of infections currently, we are able to adjust our health and safety protocols this week,” Burrell-McRae wrote. Her email announced the removal of all mask mandates, with exceptions carved out for classroom and laboratory

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A Bozeman Ice Cream Tour

There is no better treat in the summertime than ice cream, and there is no better way to spend a 100-degree heat wave than sampling all of the ice cream Bozeman has to offer. I took myself on an ice cream tour of Bozeman in order to do just that, and the welcoming shops and delectable flavors I discovered certainly did not disappoint. Sweet Peaks Ice Cream A staple of Sweet Peaks Ice Cream is the line out the door, and that, I think, is a true testament to the quality and taste of the ic

Red Tractor Pizza

Red Tractor Pizza is a community-oriented pizzeria that has been serving up delicious and creative pies, live music, and great beer since 2014. Locally sourced and thoughtfully chosen ingredients guarantee a quality meal, and gluten- and dairy-free options make this “Farm To Pizza” menu accessible to everyone. I sat down with founder and owner Adam Paccione to talk about the passion behind the pizza. Adam Paccione: A love for food, particularly pizza. I suppose a passion for gardening and growi

Bozeman’s Iconic Western Cafe

Nestled in one of the oldest buildings in Bozeman, Western Cafe has truly stood the test of time. This iconic cafe is a tribute to the past; a homey oasis amid the everchanging outside world. Owner and operator Sue Sebena walked me through the historic restaurant, pointing out apple cookie jars from her childhood, an old milkshake machine, powder rifles, and a butter churn. She shared the stories behind some of the photographs, relics, and artwork that cover the walls, and let me in on what make

Dean’s Zesty Booch

Dean’s Zesty Booch is revolutionizing the beverage scene one refreshing and delicious can of kombucha at a time. Their alcoholic and nonalcoholic kombucha seltzers offer a nutritionally dense, healthier drink alternative without sacrificing taste or experience. I joined partner and CEO John Griffith on the sunny patio to crack open a can, banter with the neighbors at Wildrye, and talk all things Zesty Booch. Elsa Russell: How was Dean’s Zesty Booch conceptualized? John Griffin: It started wi

Sidewall Pizza Company

It was Sidewall Pizza’s outdoor space on the Northeast corner of the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture that first caught my eye. It reminded me of a yard party: fun and inviting. I knew I had to check it out, and I was not disappointed. This community-centered pizzeria offers delicious food for any occasion. Its extensive pizza menu includes stuffed pizzas, and homemade ice cream is available to round out the meal. I chatted with co-owner Eric Gefell about all things Sidewall. Elsa Russell: H

Los Jarochos

There are about 2,000 miles between Bozeman and Veracruz, Mexico. Luckily, you don’t have to travel that far to get a taste of this coastal city’s delicious cuisine. Los Jarochos restaurant brings a slice of Veracruz right to downtown Bozeman. The restaurant is owned and operated by the Montero family, whose Veracruz heritage shines through in phenomenal dishes that have drawn quite a loyal following. Los Jarochos began as a food truck, but as of last fall, its many faithful customers can f

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